Don't Overreact to One Dallas Cowboys Loss

BY Fansided and Ben Grimaldi/FanSided via The Landry Hat • December 14, 2016

Despite their first loss in three months, there’s no need for Dallas Cowboys fans to overreact to their second defeat at the hands of the New York Giants.

So that’s all it took, one loss in the last 12 games? One bad performance from rookie quarterback Dak Prescott and Dallas Cowboys fans are ready to jump ship on everything they’ve built this season? As Frankie says, and Aaron Rodgers, relax.

Remember, this was also the case two years ago. The Cowboys had lost to the Philadelphia Eagles on Thanksgiving and the chatter was that Dallas wouldn’t win the NFC East and the playoffs were no longer a sure thing. After all, Tony Romo still couldn’t hack it in big games and his health was an issue.

How did that all turn out?

None of this means there aren’t some issues with the Cowboys, the past few weeks have shown us there are some cracks. The offense has seemed a tad predictable and stagnant the last two games, but that might have something to do with the defenses they’ve played. That play calling zone the offensive coaches had been in for the better part of the year may have cooled off as well.

That’s not what this is about though, it’s about the rookie quarterback who has struggled recently. It’s no secret that Prescott hasn’t been as sharp in the last two games, but the Cowboys managed to win one (which is the whole point) and are still in control of the division, as well as the conference. Yet there is dissension in the ranks. Some people are ready to give the keys back to Romo after a few subpar weeks.

I’m not going to argue one way or another because I don’t get paid to make those decisions. But after splitting two tough road games, the Cowboys still control their own destiny and play two of their last three games at home.

The loss to the Giants can also serve as learning experience for a team being led by two rookies. If things had gotten tad easy for the Cowboys, the last two games should serve as a reminder that winning is hard in the NFL. Dak and the ‘Boys were looking very comfortable and getting knocked down a peg isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Let’s also not assume this is all on Prescott. He hasn’t been at his best, but his supporting cast hasn’t helped either. Fumbles, penalties and sloppy play have plagued too much of the team in the last two games. That doesn’t all fall on the feet of the rookie signal caller.

So here Dallas sits, finally at a crossroads on their season. They are struggling but they are a playoff team and are on the brink of having a first round bye. It’s not all bad, they have lost TWO games all season. Expect to see a much better Dallas Cowboys team this Sunday, after all, they are 11-2. They have the most wins the NFL, not bad for a team supposedly in crisis.

If the Dallas Cowboys have shown us anything this year, it’s that they are a resilient group. One loss shouldn’t be the tipping point for this team.


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