Report: Reid could be Cowboys’ coach if fired

If the Philadelphia Eagles fire head coach Andy Reid and the Cowboys decide to part ways with Jason Garrett, a Sunday report says Reid could be the next Cowboys coach.

According to Mark Eckel of the Times of Trenton, a reliable source who is close to Reid said the current Eagles coach could be leading the Cowboys next season.

“I know a lot of people think Andy is going to San Diego next year, and I can see that happening,” the source told Eckel. “But I keep hearing Dallas. I think he can end up with the Cowboys. As a matter of fact, I think he will end up with the Cowboys, if Jason is fired.”

Other teams will obviously be interested in Reid’s services. He’s been Philadelphia’s head coach since 1999, leading the Eagles to a Super Bowl berth and nine playoff appearances. But they’re 3-8 heading into tonight’s game against the 5-6 Cowboys.

Aside from a disastrous finish to the season, it’s unlikely that Garrett would be fired. But if that occurred, an unemployed Reid would be an interesting option.

“I think Andy would be a good fit with the Cowboys,” the source said. “I feel he would get along fine with (Cowboys owner) Jerry (Jones). It would be the two of them working together, no middle man to get in the way.”’s Mike Florio speculates that the source could be Reid’s agent, Bob LaMonte.