New style for Kingsbury at Texas Tech?

Here’s the thing about Kliff Kingsbury: He’s already the coolest-looking coach in college football. Have you seen this guy? He was one of the first guys in Texas to start wearing the old Oakley Frogskins again, and he always has this ideal part in his hair and the ideal amount of stubble.

Kliff Kingsbury looks like an actor playing Kliff Kingsbury.

But at least one man thinks he could do better with the new Texas Tech coach’s image. Have him show up at New York Fashion Week and awards shows. Give him a nickname. Turn him into a B-list celebrity.

No, really. Deadspin got the e-mail that proves it. It’s from a Texas Tech alum and Lubbock clothing purveyor named Stephen Spiegelberg. It was sent to Joe Parker, deputy athletic director. Best to pop over there and read the whole thing, but here are some of the highlights:

— A suggestion to nickname Kingsbury “GQ,” “Hollywood” or “Swagger.”

— Hook up Kingsbury with a professional stylist, namely a man named Fred Segal, who Spiegelberg says has styled Michael Jackson, Brad Pitt and Madonna, among others.

— Get Kingsbury invited to the Oscars, Grammys and New York Fashion Week.

— Spiegelberg identified images that have worked for other college football coaches. Former Southern Cal coach Pete Carroll, he said, was the “Rock and Roll Coach.” Kansas State’s Bill Snyder is a wizard. “Media loves the wizard angle.” Former Texas Tech and current Washington State coach Mike Leach was “the strange one,” Spiegelberg said. “Media loved the straightforward answers.”

— “We need this to level the playing field with TEXAS. Also, we can turn the tables on TEXAS. its old, tired, its the Nike to your kids generation.”

Texas Tech spokesman Blayne Beal indicated the Red Raiders were not seriously considering Spiegelberg’s ideas, though it deserves mention that Spiegelberg’s e-mail refers to a lunch meeting he had with Parker.

“Like anybody else in T-shirt sales, you know, they’re always trying to give us their input on things,” Beal told Deadspin.