Sumlin not happy about Manziel questions at SEC Media Days

When asked whether he's talked to Johnny Manziel, Kevin Sumlin (right), said 'Is this the SEC Media Days?'

Daniel Shirey/Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Johnny Manziel’s days at Texas A&M are over, but for Kevin Sumlin that doesn’t mean it’s the end of questions regarding his former quarterback’s antics.

Sumlin was asked during Tuesday’s SEC Media Days availability whether he’s talked to Manziel — now with the Cleveland Browns — about recent off-the-field incidents. Sumlin’s reply?

The Aggies coach smiled wide, taking his time before replying: "Is this the SEC Media Days? That’s a great question about the Cleveland Browns."

In fact, the first question Sumlin was thrown was about his old QB, as a writer asked "What’s it like not coaching Johnny Manziel, and do you miss him?"

"Let me get this straight: What’s it like NOT coaching Johnny Manziel," he said before chuckling.

The Aggies have yet to name Manziel’s successor and Sumlin did his part to end those questions before they started.

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"I didn’t come here today to tell you who the quarterback will be," he said in his opening address. "That will play itself out … We’ll probably decide a couple of weeks before we go to South Carolina."

As for Manziel’s soirees since joining the Browns, which have included his riding on an inflatable swan with a bottle in hand, holding a "money phone" made out of stacks of cash, prompted Hall of Famers Joe Montana and Emmitt Smith to weigh in.

But not Sumlin, who is doing the best to turn the page, even if the realities of a team in transition are keeping him from doing so.