Super Bowl 50: Joe Buck Laughs At Your Announcing Prop Bets

Super Bowl 50 announcer Joe Buck has responded to the prop bets on what he will or will not say while calling Sunday’s big game – and not how you may think.

Last week we told you about the Super Bowl 50 prop bets on what TV announcers Joe Buck and Troy Aikman would mention during Sunday’s broadcast. This week Buck was a guest on The Howard Stern Show and responded to the idea that folks might be laying down money on his choice of talking points.

“Some of the things in there – Aaron Hernandez, Michael Vick, guys that played for these teams, I’m not going into Aaron Hernandez,” Buck said, adding that using the “Matty Ice” nickname for Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan “just sounds cheesy.”

Is there any prop bet that he’s in favor of? Buck conceded that he could see a mention of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady having been drafted in the sixth round.

You can listen to the entire segment about prop bets here, but the really interesting stuff happened when Stern asked Buck if he was prevented from betting on himself. After all, he’s the one who ultimately controls what gets mentioned.

“I don’t know!” Buck laughed. “No one asked me. I don’t sign some waiver.” He also joked that he could take down Vegas himself, with the help of some friends and/or family members, which isn’t that far from the truth.

There’s nothing stopping him from having a buddy put money down on a prop bet – except for the fact that he just publicly quipped about it on the radio, of course. But if he were so inclined, he could conceivably make bank this weekend.

Super Bowl prop bets are an amusing part of the action surrounding the big game, but it’s rare that you hear the subject of one of those prop bets talk about it. Joe Buck is not only taking it in stride, but he’s actually having fun with the idea. It makes you wonder if he’ll throw in (or leave out) a couple of references on Sunday just to mess with the betting line.

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