Oakland officials won’t release details of new city stadium plans

Don’t expect to view the finer points of Oakland’s Coliseum City stadium proposal anytime soon.

San Diego-area businessman Floyd Kephart’s team is bound by a confidentiality agreement that will keep his proposals under wraps, according to emails from Kephart to the Contra Costa Times.

Additionally, Assistant City Administrator Claudia Cappio told the paper that council members will be briefed on Kephart’s proposal in private. Then, Oakland executives will ask Kephart for additional information as they review his plan.

A tough and firm NFL deadline is applying pressure to the entire situation. Kephart’s team has until Aug. 21 to deliver what Raiders owner Mark Davis has called a "make-or-break" plan.

Stadium experts tell the Contra Costa Times that the deadlines have forced the city to explore NFL-exclusive options — even at the expense of the Oakland A’s or Golden State Warriors.

Kephart’s plan is estimated to cost about $900 million. But, no one except his team and city officials will know for sure until all proposals are reviewed.

(h/t Contra Costa Times)