Jeff Fisher wants to play Rams after being fired from Los Angeles

Jeff Fisher reveals the truth in first interview since firing from Los Angeles Rams Head Coaching Job.

Jeff Fisher stated that the one thing he wants to do for sure is have an opportunity to play the Rams. His firing isn’t totally surprising to fans and critics everywhere.

A surprising fact is that the LA Rams fired him after he signed an extension with Los Angeles.

The extension was until the year before the new stadium is suppose to be completely finished and built.

In an interview with Fox on NFL Gameday Fisher tells all and shares what he did and did not know.

Similar to most fans Jeff Fisher was under the impression that he would get to finish the season with the team.

Then he would have a chance to win a couple of games for ownership/management to decide if they want to keep or part ways with him.

They chose to part ways with him since he didn’t win enough games.

After severing ties with him, many rumors came flying in on who would replace him as the head coach next season.

There are plenty of candidates available for the Rams.

These include former coaches, players, and new coaches players, and anyone interested.

As a unit, the organization chose to draft Jared Goff, according to Fisher.

He also mentioned the reason they waited late to start Goff is because he wasn’t ready yet.

When they did start him they felt he was ready until otherwise noted.

Fisher mentioned Goff is the franchise quarterback and he will do great things. During this season there were plenty of drama rumors revolving around the LA Rams and there still is.

These rumors include drama inside and outside of the team.

According to Fishers’ interview he believes the organization has a bigger picture and he was never a part of it.

Additionally, Jeff Fisher didn’t have a horrible relationship with his players. He had an okay relationship with them as you can see it through the players on the team.

They had their days like everyone else.

Fisher knew how to get along with the players and build a team with his coaching staff. He helped build the Rams defense from okay to legitimate. On the other side of the field on offense is a different story.

They all got it right by drafting a quarterback.

They have a good offensive line who just needs time to mature. Also they have young receivers who need to develop which is what the Rams offense needs, not just Kenny Britt.

This team was built to become playoff contenders and when they are Fisher he isn’t going to receive any recognition he deserves.

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