Jacksonville Jaguars Were Sacked by the Baltimore Ravens

The Jacksonville Jaguars had the game in control until the turning point of the game happened on third down.

Victory was in the grasp of the Jacksonville Jaguars right after kicker Jason Myers made a 49-yard field goal with 7:27 on the clock in the fourth quarter.  Marking that point in time at Everbank Field, it appeared that the Jaguars would get the first win of the season, leading 17-16.

The stands were full of jubilant Jaguars fans.  High fives and loud cheers rocked the stadium, could today be the day?  What transpired next can be called the turning point of the game.

Both teams traded turnovers in a flurry of action that only Hollywood could script.

Middle linebacker Paul Posluszny intercepted an errant pass from Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco.  Jacksonville has possession of the ball on the Baltimore 29 yard line.

First down and ten, the Jaguars run the ball for no gain.  Second down and ten, Jaguars QB Blake Bortles throws to Allen Hurns for a completion marking the ball at the 25 yard line.  Using quick math to calculate the distance for a field goal on fourth down – 25 + seven yards back + 10 yards to goal post – a 42 yard field goal.  Yes, Myers had just made a field goal from 49 yards earlier.

The turning point of the game.

Third down and 6 yards to go for the first.  What should be the play call?  Run the ball to the middle of the field? Run the ball to the left or right hash mark, depending upon which side of the field Myers likes to kick the ball.

The Jaguars break the huddle, line up in the shotgun, looking for a quick pass to the outside or even an inside slant route.  The ball is snapped to Bortles, just as the Ravens defensive front line converge and sack Bortles back to the 35 yard line – translation: now a 52 yard field goal.

The perfect play call is a QB sneak!

Fourth and 15, a 52 yard field goal attempt.  The Ravens block the field goal, allowing them to win it with a field goal of their own. Ravens win 19-17.

The Jaguars were in position to win, just run the ball on third down!

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