Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Houston Texans: Keep Your Enemies Close – 5 Questions with Toro Times

The Jacksonville Jaguars have a chance to introduce chaos this weekend into the AFC South as they host the Houston Texans.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are in a tough spot as they head back home this weekend for the first time in a few weeks. The Houston Texans are pacing the AFC South right now despite being a horrendous offensive team, but they come into Everbank Field with very little to worry about.

The last time the home crowd saw their Jaguars, the team put up a pathetic effort in a loss to the Oakland Raiders. The Jaguars followed that up with an embarrassing Thursday night loss to the Tennessee Titans and another blown game against the Kansas City Chiefs last week.

We wanted to get some intel on our opponent so we reached out to Randy Gurzi over at Toro Times. Here’s what he had to say:

1. The big story in the offseason for the Texans was the acquisition of Brock Osweiler. He’s had a rough season by most accounts. What’s your projection for him for the remainder of the season, and do the Texans even consider benching him if he doesn’t improve?

I don’t think they consider benching him, mostly because there’s nothing that says Tom Savage or Brandon Weeden are any better. Then of course the money is an issue too. You bench a guy that’s guaranteed $37 million in his first year that means you’re giving up. They’re hoping to get something out of that investment.

As for the rest of this year, I don’t see much hope for change. The play calling has turned into a dink and dunk offense and the o-line is totally banged up. They will probably still get nine or ten wins, but won’t look too impressive in doing so.

2. J.J. Watt‘s absence is one of the most significant losses for any team this year. How has the defense played without him?

They have been ok. Not terrible, but not great. Jadeveon Clowney has played better than expected, but he doesn’t generate the same pass rush Watt does. They miss him big time.

3. The AFC South continues to be a dumpster fire – how confident are you in the Texans’ ability to lock up the division and how many wins do you think that will take?

Like I said I think Houston get nine or ten wins, mostly because they still have four games against AFC South opponents left. That should win it for them. The confidence however comes more from the dumpster fire you mentioned rather than anything Houston is doing particularly well.

4. If you could take one player from the Jaguars to put on the Texans, who would you choose?

For me it would be linebacker Telvin Smith. That guy just flies around the field and makes plays. Houston could really use someone like that to step up in the absence of Watt.

5. What’s your prediction for the game?

This thing has slop-fest written all over it. Neither team is playing great right now and Blake Bortles and Osweiler are throwing it to the wrong teams like crazy.

I think the advantage goes to the Texans simply because they’re playing better defense right now. I’ll take the Texans 23-13.

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