Houston Texans: Is Johnny Manziel a Viable Option at Quarterback?

The Houston Texans have a dire need for a quarterback and Johnny Manziel has an even bigger need for another chance at his NFL dream. Could they be a match?

This offseason for the Houston Texans is quickly becoming all about one thing, fixing their quarterback situation. After overpaying for free agent Brock Osweiler last season, they find themselves in even worse shape than they were before. His arrival was supposed to solidify the position, but instead it has muddied it further thanks to the large cap hit he carries.

So while the owner talks about getting the situation fixed, the options are limited thanks to that inflated number. That means they can either draft a young player or find a bargain one with upside. With their draft position coming in the mid-twenties, a franchise rookie is most likely not happening. So the team can try and once again go bargain shopping like they did with Ryan Fitzpatrick in 2014 and Brian Hoyer in 2015.

The biggest name player who is available, and will come at a low price (at least financially) is none other than the Texas legend himself Johnny Manziel. Well, he’s not exactly a legend for his NFL career, but more for his party/glory days at Texas A&M.

Most Texans fans (and really any NFL fan) would roll their eyes at acquiring Johnny Football. He was a first round pick pf the Cleveland Browns who wore out his welcome fast. He was released after just two seasons and spent last year getting “lost in the sauce.”

Now he claims he is clean and ready to make a comeback. He even is ready to prove his sobriety via drug testing, per Alex Marvez of Sporting News, who reported that Manziel was willing to volunteer for testing as he tried to return to the NFL.

The reason he feels the need to prove he is off any form of drug is that he was suspended four games of the 2016 season for violation of the league’s substance abuse policy. He now is in the second stage of the program, which will require random tests. Proving he is clean on his own might help a team gamble on his services.

Manziel played in just 14 games in two seasons for the Browns, and wasn’t exactly great. He completed 57 percent of his passes for 1,675 yards. In those games, he had seven touchdowns and seven interceptions while also fumbling the ball seven times. Manziel did add another 259 yards and a touchdown on the ground as he proved to be a threat with his legs just like he was at A&M.

Should Houston give him a chance, it may accomplish at least one thing. His arrival might make Osweiler realize how desperate the team is to get better play. Such a move could provide him with the motivation he needs to make a jump before the 2017 season.

Who knows, maybe Manziel really is clean now and can turn his life around. He won’t ever be a franchise quarterback, but the team was much more dangerous with both Fitzpatrick and Hoyer, who were simply marginal quarterbacks. Manziel has the potential to be that for them while also fitting into their tight salary cap. Also, he can’t be any worse than Osweiler was in 2016, right?

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