Conspiracy suggests SpiderCam wire cost the Raiders a TD (it *probably* didn’t)

Jamie Squire

The Chiefs beat the Raiders on Thursday night in a very important football game, but there just may have been more nefarious circumstances afoot.

A critical pass in the fourth quarter by Oakland’s Derek Carr deserves further inspection, and has a chunk of truthers suggesting that the bizarre change of direction on the football may have happened because the pass hit one of NBC’s SpiderCam wires that hang over the field.

If Amari Cooper had caught that, it would probably have been a touchdown, but instead it looks like the Monstars temporarily stole his talent for a few seconds as the football lame-ducked to the ground. Why did it do that?

David Carr, Derek’s brother who also knows a thing or two about lame-duck throws, wonders, too.

As do others.

After the game, Cooper said the ball indeed appeared to move oddly at the last second. NBC has officially denied culpability.

If the ball did hit the wire, then NFL rules stipulate the down should have been replayed.

Would this have changed the game? Did this even happen? We’ll never know.

But even Stevie Wonder can see that something weird happened to that football. And that’s because…Stevie Wonder can actually see.

– Jeremy Woo

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