Denver Broncos: Is the Pass Game in Trouble?

After two games, The Denver Broncos offense faces challenges developing its pass game with rookie quarterback Trevor Siemian at the helm. 

Throughout the 2015 regular season, the Denver Broncos totaled an average of 263.5 yards passing yards per game.  This year, with 7th rounder, rookie quarterback Trevor Siemian , the Broncos have tallied an average of 222 yards per game through the first two games of the regular season.  Is this cause for concern, or will we see improvement this coming Sunday?

This Sunday against the 8th (ESPN) ranked Bengals Siemian faces his biggest challenge yet.  The addition of crowd noise on top of playing his first away game.  Siemian can make a statement that he’s truly up to the task of leading the Broncos through this season if he performs up to the task.

In preparation for the crowd noise, Kubiak has taken a cue from his Superbowl preparation by practicing his offense with music cranked up at high-decibel both at the line of scrimmage and in the huddle.

In the Broncos win over the Colts last Sunday, many fans were scratching their head as to why the Broncos offense wasn’t taking advantage of the Colts decimated secondary.

By the fouth quarter four starters for the Colts secondary were out of the game, and the Broncos failed to let the offense air it out.  With the offensive plays relying mostly on rushes and short passes, we really have yet to see if Siemian can throw those deep-balls that will spread the defense for Kubiak’s ground-based attack.

The fact is apparent that Siemian isn’t accustomed to the amazing athleticism common the the NFL.  His one interception came against the Colts when he threw the ball a heartbeat too fast, and the Colts’ CB Darius Butler made a elasto-stretch to intercept Siemian’s ill-timed pass.

This athleticism and speed is a reality that Siemian can adjust to over time, but facing #8 ranked Bengals this coming Sunday, it will be an important test to track Siemian’s progress in the league.

Overall, with all these factors against him, Siemian has exuded great calm and composure throughout his games.  He understands he will make mistakes, and doesn’t allow them to stick in his mind.

Outside of his interceptions, he will start the game with a 67.5% passing completion.  Siemian is obviously on a learning curve, but he can be relied upon to make those accurate passes.  We will see if he, and the Broncos offense, can create a two-part offense needed to excel in this league.

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