Chicago Athletes Reactions to Donald Trump Winning Presidency

Donald Trump shocked the country and won the presidency, Chicago Bears players- past and present- reacted.

Around 6pm Eastern time on Tuesday, November 8th, every journalist, talk show host, and political pundit thought it was a foregone conclusion- Hillary Clinton would be the 45th President of the United States. As the night unfolded, something took place that no one seemingly saw coming, the votes kept rolling in, and more and more of them were tallied for Donald Trump.

As the hours got later, it became clear- Donald Trump was going to become the next President of the United States. The reaction’s were extreme. Trump supporters danced in the streets and Clinton supporters ranted on social media or wept in their sofa cushions.

Athletes also weren’t afraid to voice their opinions via social media, mostly Twitter. LeBron James released a statement while others stayed quiet. But plenty others made remarks on Twitter. The comments were plentiful, which means plenty of athletes with Chicago ties spoke up about the election.

Here are some of the tweets sent by current and former athletes with Windy City ties.

Former Chicago Bears cornerback Charles Tillman:

Former Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs:

Current Chicago Bears safety Adrian Amos:

Former Chicago Bears special teamer Brendon Ayanbadejo:

Former Chicago Bears tight end Martellus Bennett:

Current Chicago Bulls guard (and Chicago native) Dwayne Wade:

Current Chicago Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta:

Former Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah:

Former Chicago Bulls guard Jamal Crawford:

Current Milwaukee Bucks forward (and Chicago native) Jabari Parker:

Obviously, most of the athletes are pro-Hillary and anti-Trump, but clearly Arrieta is not pleased with the Hollywood support for Hillary and their threats to move to Canada if Trump won.

President Obama was right, regardless of who won, the sun will still rise in the morning. That it did, but this election has left plenty of rubble in its wake and it’s time for the country to start cleaning up the pieces.

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