Bill Parcells not bothered by antics of Dez Bryant, Greg Hardy on Cowboys sideline

The Greg Hardy-Dez Bryant spat continues to make waves a day later, and legendary former coach Bill Parcells joined Colin Cowherd on ‘The Herd’ to discuss his thoughts about what happened on the sidelines of the Cowboys’ loss to the Giants.

 "I don’t think I’d be bothered too much," Parcells said about if he was the coach and that went on. "I don’t think that a player or a coach can ever assume that another player doesn’t have as much invested as he does. Monday tells everything. The film goes on and everyone knows what went on."

Parcells added that Monday is the better day to air grievances, but acknowledged in the clip above that things can get heated on the sidelines.

Cowherd added that sideline scuffles aren’t new, we just get exposed to them now because the cameras are always rolling and these days there are dozens of them everywhere.

 "So what?" Cowherd said. "It wasn’t a quarterback. It wasn’t your emotional leader. Kind of a wacko defensive end got into a fight with a wacko wide receiver."