Atlanta Falcons: Picking up the Pieces

After a gut wrenching Super Bowl loss, the Atlanta Falcons are at a crossroads. Do they fade away from glory or build towards future success?

It’s been one week since the world witnessed the biggest collapse in Super Bowl history. I won’t rehash the game too much, but this was the darkest day for the Atlanta Falcons. After jumping out to a 28-3 lead, they did they unthinkable and lost on the game’s biggest stage.

Arthur Blank did not dance in the locker room after this one, instead, Tom Brady had captured yet another Super Bowl title.

As painful as it is to write these things, there are reasons to be optimistic. Dan Quinn and the players seemed motivated in the days following the game and that should please Falcons fans.

Instead of moping around feeling bad for themselves, Atlanta seems focused on getting back to work.

Remember, this team wasn’t supposed to be this good this  fast. Just last year, the same fans tweeting #MattVP were the ones calling for Matt Ryan’s job. The defense, who gave us one hell of an effort in the Super Bowl, is still one of the youngest units in the league.

These Atlanta Falcons are just getting started.

Unlike teams of the past *cough cough* Carolina Panthers *cough cough*, this brotherhood will not fall apart next season. You can see it by just looking how they conduct themselves. They play for one another and each player seems to put the team first.

I don’t want to get excited, but these dirty birds are talented and determined enough to be back again next year.

They remind me of another bird. One that’s a little more, you know, fictional.

A Phoenix.

For those who don’t know a phoenix dies in a huge show of flames and self-combustion. Just like the Falcons, and Ryan, seemed to do in the biggest game of the franchise’s history. But, much that mythological bird, the Atlanta Falcons will rise up from their ashes and be reborn again.

Did anyone else see how long Matt Ryan stared at the confetti as it fell last Sunday night? There’s no way this guy is done playing in the  Super Bowl.

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