DE Kroy Biermann: ‘We’re going after the ball every play’

When the Atlanta Falcons brought in Dan Quinn as their new head coach, it was fully expected that their defense would make a complete 180. Even with that said, I’m not sure how many expected things to turn around quite this quickly.

Quinn has brought a new mindset to the Falcons, and it’s one that defensive end Kroy Biermann not only spoke about after Atlanta’s recent win, but showed with his play on Sunday. As Tom Pedulla of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported, Biermann was simply practicing what Quinn preaches with his four tackles, sack and forced fumble.

“We’re a ball-attacking team,” Biermann told Pedulla. “We’re going after the ball every play.”

Quinn was quick to give Biermann plenty of praise as well, saying that he was the one who "set it off" Sunday.

“We never know who is going to be the one to set it off. I think today it was Kroy,” Quinn said, adding, “Having the sack and the forced fumble, I think that was the one that ignited us.”

Biermann put together a very strong performance in Atlanta’s 24-20 victory, helping to send the Falcons to 2-0 on the season.

(h/t The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

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