Here’s photographic proof that the Cubs’ David Ross wasn’t always a grandpa

Elsa/Getty Images

Cubs catcher David Ross wasn’t always a 39-year-old pending retiree who was lovingly teased by his much younger teammates. And now we have proof.

Back in the 1990s, Ross was a star catcher at Auburn and a battery mate of Tim Hudson. And Hudson’s wife, Kim, decided to share pictures of both of the future major leaguers from their college days:

Not sure what is more shocking: Seeing Tim Hudson with hair, or seeing Grandpa Rossy with hair that isn’t graying. Just wait until Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant and the rest of the Cubs see this shot of “The Natural.”

Ross — a 15-year major-league veteran — will retire after tonight’s Game 7, and he hopes to win a second World Series title before he hangs up his catching gear for good.