Dirks parts ways with long locks

Andy Dirks: Before and after his hair cut   

LAKELAND, Fla. — The one thing people had actually been asking a lot about during spring training was Andy Dirks’ long hair.

People wanted to know if he was going to keep growing it or if he might cut it when the regular season started. 

Manager Brad Ausmus said if Dirks played well, he could grow it to his feet. 

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The answer came Friday as Dirks arrived in camp with short hair, no flowing locks peeking out from his cap.

"It was nothing in particular, just decided to cut it," Dirks said, amused at the attention his hair was receiving. "I just got sick of having it in my eyeballs and stuff. It’s hot."

Dirks said he didn’t feel any different without the excess follicles.

"No, not at all. Other than when I put my hat on, there was no hair," Dirks said. "It was a little cooler today, though."

Dirks said he lets it grow during the winter but finally decided it was time to get rid of it.

"It’s nicer not having it in my eyeballs when you’re bending over because then you have to wear a hat everywhere you go or it’s in your face," Dirks said. "I don’t know how you girls do it."