How many beers did Madison Bumgarner chug? Davina Rankin is Fox-y

After downing five beers at once following the Giants’ NLDS win over the Nationals, Madison Bumgarner crushed six at once after beating the Cardinals in the NLCS. Everyone expected the dominating left-hander to go for seven after winning the World Series, especially after throwing five innings of shutout baseball after two days rest. However, Bumgarner threw everyone a curve ball and only chugged five beers at once last night.

People were expecting so much more.

Giants first baseman Brandon Belt shared this photo of the team’s flight back to San Francisco early Thursday morning.

Former Giants slugger and Major League Baseball’s all-time home run leader, Barry Bonds, was out on the streets filming San Francisco fans and posting video to Instagram last night.

World Champions @SFGiants

A video posted by Barry L Bonds (@blbonds25) on

In a very cool scene after the Royals’ Game 7 loss, Kansas City fans remained in the Kaufmann Stadium to chanted "Thank you, Royals" for several minutes.

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Notable fashion maven Russell Westbrook wore a shirt that looked like tinfoil last night.

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Model Davina Rankin gets today’s Fox-y Lady honors.

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