Andrew Luck makes ‘Lord of the Rings’ references at line of scrimmage

You never know what to expect from Andrew Luck.

Diamond Images/Diamond Images/Getty Images

It’s no secret that Andrew Luck is a quirky individual. The most famous story to highlight this point is that, despite signing a $22.1 million contract three years ago, the 25-year-old reportedly still uses a flip phone.

We also learned early this season that Luck likes to compliment his opponents after they make a good play.

We now have two more nuggets to demonstrate that Luck certainly marches to his own beat.

The first revelation, via Colts offensive lineman Anthony Castonzo, has to do with Luck’s reading material.

The second revelation comes via Colts punter Pat McAfee, who told the "Dan Patrick Show" on Wednesday that Luck has referenced "Lord of the Rings" when making dummy calls at the line of scrimmage.