Adam Muema, who left Combine for religious reasons, posts bizarre tweets

Adam Muema made news last month when he abruptly left the NFL Scouting Combine, claiming God told him he’d be drafted to the Seattle Seahawks if he did. 

Over the past 24 hours, the running back from San Diego State went on another bizarre run on Twitter, saying, among other things, there won’t be an NFL season this year because the world is going to end.

Muema referenced a self-proclaimed Messiah named Lord RayEl in a number of his tweets. This is from an post:

A Facebook page connected with Lord RayEl describes "chastisements" he is targeting at the U.S. The latest such punishment is the blast of wintry weather on the East Coast. The page also discusses plans for an "exodus"€ of his followers to Baja California to escape the apocalypse.

This Twitter barrage is the latest display of odd behavior from the NFL prospect. Muema adviser Rob London has expressed concern to the LA Times that the former San Diego State running back get the assistance he needs.