Irvin still showing support for Romo

Daryl “Moose” Johnston and Michael Irvin continue to support Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. The former Cowboys were busy Wednesday, taking part in several radio and TV interviews that were part of Super Bowl week in New Orleans.

The former fullback and wide receiver crossed paths on the set and both gave their take on Romo. The conversation was started after Irvin was asked if Romo has the ability to lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl.

“I don’t know why everyone keeps believing and thinking that Tony Romo can’t lead this team to a Super Bowl,” Irvin said. “I mean, he’s put up some incredible numbers. Dallas has to get more people around him to make plays consistently. And more so than anything, I think Dallas has to get the people in the running game to play consistently to help him. When he has a consistent running game, Tony Romo is one of the better quarterbacks in this National Football League.”

Johnston pointed to the offensive line as the main reason Romo didn’t have more success. Romo finished with 10 interceptions in 2011, nine-less than he totaled in 2012. According to Johnston, better offensive line play would’ve led to fewer turnovers for the franchise quarterback.

The Cowboys offensive line was one of the worst groups in the NFL in 2012. Center Phil Costa missed most of the season with injuries, right tackle Doug Free underperformed considerably and right guard Mackenzy Bernadeau struggled for most of the year, allowing 6.5 sacks, after signing a four-year, $11 million deal in March. Not only was Romo provided with little time to find open receivers but the running game finished 31stin the league, averaging 79.1 yards per game.

“The majority of the yards this year were made on sheer will of DeMarco Murray,” Johnston said of the Cowboys’ running game. “There were not a lot of we-blocked running plays during the course of the season.

“That to me is the common link with that offense. That’s what went wrong.”

Coupled with a defensive unit that was littered with significant injuries, Johnston indirectly suggested that there could’ve been too much on Romo’s plate. The FOX NFL analyst shared a story about talking to 11-time Pro Bowl quarterback Brett Favre during a season when he was struggling with a high number of turnovers.

“The way our defense is playing right now I feel like I got to have points every time I go on the field,” Favre told Johnston. “I’m not making good decisions because of that. I’m forcing it, but I have to. I can’t go five plays and then we got to punt. I’ve got to get a field goal. I’ve got to get a touchdown.”

Johnston added: “You just wonder how much that impacts a guy when you’re going through a season (like that). They know the pressure that’s on them. They know what the national media and the local media are saying about the Dallas Cowboys. You wonder if the pressure is there and they’re starting to force from time-to-time.”

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