StaTuesday: Ray Allen’s legacy with the Milwaukee Bucks

Ray Allen's legacy with the Milwaukee Bucks includes a number of team records.

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Ray Allen, who officially retired from the NBA on Tuesday, hasn’t played for the Milwaukee Bucks since he was surprisingly traded in the middle of the 2002-03 season.

However, Allen remains one of the most popular players in Bucks history. He also remains heavily populated on Milwaukee’s all-time leaderboards.

Acquired by the Bucks in a 1996 draft-day trade, Allen played nearly seven seasons with Milwaukee — the most of any of the four teams for which he played.

Allen is in the top 10 of a myriad of statistical categories, most notably 3-points made, where he is the franchise’s all-time leader.

Here’s a sampling — OK, a big sampling — of some of the major categories in which Allen is among the best in team history:

Games Played

Player Games
Junior Bridgeman 711
Sidney Moncrief 695
Bob Dandridge 618
Jon McGlocklin 595
Brian Winters 582
Paul Pressey 580
Michael Redd 578
Glenn Robinson 568
Marques Johnson 524
Ray Allen 494

3-point field goals

Player 3-pt FG
Ray Allen 1051
Michael Redd 1003
Brandon Jennings 545
Glenn Robinson 494
Charlie Bell 432

Free throws

Player Free throws
Sidney Moncrief 3505
Michael Redd 2425
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 2407
Glenn Robinson 2070
Marques Johnson 1880
Bob Dandridge 1826
Ray Allen 1816
Ricky Pierce 1749
Paul Pressey 1716
Terry Cummings 1593


Player Steals
Quinn Buckner 1042
Paul Pressey 894
Sidney Moncrief 874
Alvin Robertson 753
Brian Winters 718
Marques Johnson 697
Glenn Robinson 689
Ray Allen 618
Terry Cummings 607
Junior Bridgeman 607

Points per-game

Player PPG
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 30.4
Glenn Robinson 21.1
Flynn Robinson 21.1
Marques Johnson 21.0
Michael Redd 20.0
Ray Allen 19.6
Terry Cummings 19.4
Sam Cassell 19.0
Monta Ellis 18.9
Bob Dandridge 18.6

Free throw %

Player FT pct.
Jack Sikma 88.4%
Ray Allen 87.9%
Luke Ridnour 87.5%
Khris Middleton 87.4%
Flynn Robinson 87.3%


Player PER
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 28.7
Marques Johnson 21.2
Sam Cassell 21.2
Michael Redd 19.7
Ray Allen 19.3
Sidney Moncrief 19.1
Flynn Robinson 19.0
Terry Cummings 18.9
Eric Murdock 18.8
Ricky Pierce 18.4

In addition to the above, Allen also ranks second in 3-point attempts, fourth in 3-point field-goal percentage, sixth in minutes per game, seven in free throws, ninth in points, ninth in minutes, 10th in field goals and 10th in field-goal attempts in team history.

Among advanced stats, in addition to player efficiency rating which we included above, he is second in offensive box plus/minus, third in value over replacement player, fifth in offensive win shares, sixth in true shooting percentage, 10th in usage percentage and 10th in offensive rating.

Phew. That’s quite the legacy.

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