StaTuesday: How Packers’ McCarthy stacked up against competition

Mike McCarthy is out as head coach of the Green Bay Packers. We presume by now, you know this.

Was it deserved? Well, we’ll leave that for you to decide.

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How did McCarthy compare with other head coaches who still have jobs? Well, that one we will discuss.

The website has developed a system in which it rates coaches. You can read more about the factors they use and how they come up with ratings here.

Using a 10-point scale, New Orleans’ Sean Payton ranks first among NFL coaches with an 8.3 rating. Only two other coaches have an 8.0 or better — the Rams’ Sean McVay (8.1) and Kansas City’s Andy Reid (8.0).

McCarthy is further down the list. Much further. In fact, he’s closer in score to the worst (hello, Arizona’s Steve Wilks, 6.1) than to Reid. McCarthy’s rating is 6.8, tied with Atlanta’s Dan Quinn, Tampa Bay’s Dirk Koetter, Cincinnati’s Marvin Lewis and Carolina’s Ron Rivera for 19th. Perhaps not coincidentally, those four coaches are also on the hot seat. (The full list)

This is actually a step up from last year when McCarthy earned a 6.6 rating (of course, he also had Bret Hundley at quarterback for the majority of 2017).

Broken down into five factors, McCarthy’s big issue according to the site’s ratings was clock management, where he had a 6.2 rating in 2018, down from 6.5 last season. No current coach in the NFL was worse (Oakland’s Jon Gruden is also at 6.2).

McCarthy rated highest for his use of personnel, a 7.1. However, that still ranked him tied for 18th among all NFL coaches (not surprisingly, Reid (8.5), Payton (8.5) and McVay (8.4) were the only three above 8.0).

He was rated a 7.0 for game plan, which ranks him tied for 19th, with five coaches rating an 8.0 or higher. McCarthy also rated 7.0 for in-game adjustments, ranking him tied for 13th. A 6.7 rating for play calling put him tied for 19th.

McCarthy did not go out with a bang. He rated a 6.0 in all five factors in Green Bay’s loss to Arizona on Sunday.

In its observations of the game, noted “Though Green Bay did not have any patently bad coaching decisions in this game, the offense did some meandering and did not have any real type of cohesive game plan. This seemed to have been the case often with the Packers this season.”