Russell Westbrook is tying the knot

September 3, 2014

The NBA offseason allows players to exhale for a few months bonding with family, traveling and doing things that matter off the court. Including enjoying their love lives.

Dwyane Wade recently had a lavish wedding at a Miami castle with his new wife Gabrielle Union. Now Russell Westbrook is joining the nuptials community after announcing his engagement with Nina Earl.

"Nothing even matters..@ninamri3_ forever my lady! LOVE YOU!!!!" Westbrook wrote on Instagram.

Guess this means Westbrook won't be sending any love letters to Megan Fox.

Both Westbrook and Earl were ballers at UCLA and from the looks of them together, she has the sartorial style to match his, so expect them to be snazzy for the wedding.

Since he decided to not play with Team USA this summer, Westbrook has had time to also launch an expensive, elephant-print heavy clothing line with Barney's and a new line of fashion glasses frames.

In a 2013 interview, Westbrook said Earl was going back to school to get her master's in psychology. Hopefully not just to help him play mind games with Patrick Beverly.