Michigan teammate had an interesting way to describe Wilton Speight's passes

BY foxsports • November 4, 2015

Michigan prevailed over Minnesota last weekend thanks to a total team effort. 

The defense stone-walled the Golden Gophers at the goal line on the final play, denying them the winning points, but the score was 29-26 thanks to unexpected heroics from Wilton Speight, the backup quarterback who came off the bench to throw the game-winning touchdown pass. 

If that surprised the world outside of the Michigan locker room, it might not have running back Drake Johnson, who told reporters this week that Speight throws passes that are so nice to look at they sometimes distract him from what he's supposed to be doing during a given play. 

While we have heard of lots of ways to describe a pass, that might be a first. 

(H/T Detroit Free Press)

"There's a lot of pretty girls in the world and there's some of those pretty girls where you walk by and go wow, she's just exceptionally pretty, and that's what his ball is like," Johnson said. "It looks like it just spins with a little glamour to it. It's got like sparkles coming off the end of it, y'know? But yeah, there's no other words. It's just a pretty ball."

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