TCU adding a sand volleyball program

Schools like Pepperdine, Long Beach State and USC will soon have some new competition when it comes to sand volleyball from an unlikely location.

TCU announced Thursday that beginning in the spring of 2015 the school will have a sand volleyball team.

TCU athletic director Chris Del Conte said the decision was made in part to keep the school compliant with Title IX regulations and also because of the growth of the sport.

"Sand volleyball is an emerging sport nationally," Del Conte said.  "We are excited about the opportunities this will provide for young women to become student-athletes and compete on the NCAA Division I level."

Athletes can complete in both indoor volleyball and sand volleyball but there with also be athletes exclusive to each sport. There are five doubles teams in sand volleyball and schools compete in dual meets with the first one to win three matches the winner.

"We are very excited to add sand volleyball," TCU volleyball coach Prentice Lewis said. "One of the first questions recruits ask is, ‘Are you going to be adding sand volleyball? Now, I can officially give them the answer they want to hear. Attendance for TCU volleyball has been booming and adding sand volleyball will enhance the overall volleyball experience for fans and players alike."

Long Beach State is the reigning national champion.