Tennessee Titans: End of Week Notes/Links

There’s only so much news and analysis that we can disseminate to the readers on TitanSized. There are always noteworthy tidbits/nuggets of information about the Titans that don’t make it into our posts but should be noted. This is why we try to bring those bits of information at the end of the week in this article.

Here’s what you may have missed.

That last stat is crazy. Five wins against playoff teams, an NFL record for a non-playoff team, yet the Titans lost twice to the Indianapolis Colts and one time each against the Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars. Those losses were the nail in the coffin for the Titans’ playoff hopes, and they will surely be kicking themselves for the entire offseason. But there is good news: fix the division woes and the AFC South will be the Titans’ to own for quite some time.

The reason for an optimistic future lays in the hands of Jon Robinson, who was promoted to Executive Vice President (still keeps his General Manager title). Robinson had an outstanding first year in Tennessee, bringing in an impactful draft class and changing the culture of this organization with help from Mike Mularkey. The Titans have the fifth and 18th overall picks in this year’s draft, so Robinson has a lot to work with in order to get this team to the next level. Another Conklin type of draft pick and we’ll be set for the future, as he was named to the All-Pro team at right tackle in his first NFL season.

There won’t be too much change this offseason, but letting go of the wide receivers coaches is telling. Kendall Wright is on his way out, and the receivers struggled to get open for a good portion of the year. Some new faces coaching the unit should be welcomed, as should one or two young receivers from the draft. Any more weapons for Marcus will have this offense ready to explode next season, and we’ll have plenty of similar game winners like the Detroit Lions game.

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