Rams offering Buffett-esque $100K pick ’em game to fans

Rock band Switchfoot hanging with Rampage. All that's missing from this picture? How about you and 100 grand, man?

Al Pereira/WireImage

When Warren Buffett talks, investors listen. And when the Oracle of Omaha ponies up a billion bucks to anyone with a perfect NCAA Tournament bracket, the NFL takes notice.

But not even the mighty National Football League can match Buffett’s bravado — or his cash.

The St. Louis Rams announced on Monday a contest in which any fan who correctly predicts the team’s entire regular-season schedule will win $100,000. Yeah, it’s four zeroes short of a billion, but you turning down a quick six figures?

Sounds simple enough, right? As opposed to picking 63 games correctly, you only need to get 17 (weeks, actually — more on that below). And the league already announced each team’s home and away opponents.

But not so fast. The parameters for what constitutes a perfect schedule:

• The correct opponent for each of the 16 games

• The correct site for each of the 16 games

• The correct date and day of the week for each of the 16 games

• And last but not least … the correct week in which the Rams’ bye week will fall

So … the bye week and any Thursday / Monday games. You gotta get ’em all. Not the astronomical odds of the Buffet Bracket, but like life in the NFC West, no walk in the park, either.

If there are no perfect schedules submitted, there will be no prize awarded; if more than one person nails it, a trivia contest will be used to break the tie.

Fans can take their chance here on the team’s official website.

Among the rules: Entry is free, entrants must be at least 18 years old, and there is a limit of one entry per person. The deadline for entry is 4:59 p.m. CT on April 21, or immediately following the release of the NFL schedule, whichever occurs first.