Should the Dallas Cowboys trade up for Myles Garrett?

The Dallas Cowboys have to big questions facing them this offseason. One of which is whether the Cowboys can trade up for Myles Garrett.

The number one prospect in the 2017 NFL Draft, Texas A&M star Myles Garrett has released a video of him pleading with the Cowboys brass to make a move to grab him with the first overall pick. This would take some masterful maneuvering by Dallas’ front office as they currently have the 28th selection in this year’s draft.

The Cleveland Browns who hold the first overall selection do have another first round pick (12th overall) so a trade here could make sense for this team. The Browns have had no luck selecting draft prospects so trading with Dallas or some other franchise may make more sense.

For the Cowboys to swing this they would likely need to trade away their first round pick, their second or third round pick, and another late round pick. There also is a chance that the Browns could want veteran quarterback Tony Romo to help lead the team out of mediocrity.

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This would be a tough pill for Dallas to swallow considering how much Romo means to the organization. And Garrett is still an unproven NFL talent. Even If the Cowboys can get to number one by trading several picks, trading Romo to the Browns would be probably the worst possible destination for him and his career.

If the Cowboys first and third round selections, plus next year’s second round pick would not be enough compensation for the Browns, I would leave trading up alone. Dallas could use Garrett in a ton of ways and he would instantly become their best pass rusher. Not to mention the fun puns football writers would come up with as he shares the same last name as the Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett.

The Dallas Cowboys could also easily stay firm and take a cornerback at the 28th spot as the team continues to build up their defense. The question is whether Myles Garrett is worth mortgaging the team’s future for? That’s what this Cowboys brass must ultimately decide.

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