Robert Kraft’s testimony helped put Aaron Hernandez away

By Steve DelVecchio

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft provided key testimony in the Aaron Hernandez murder trial, according to at least one juror who was responsible for determining the former NFL tight end’s fate.

Kraft took the stand last month after being called by the prosecution. The main takeaway from his testimony was that Hernandez lied about where he was the night Odin Lloyd was killed.

Kraft and another Patriots employee testified that Hernandez told them he was hoping the time of Lloyd’s murder came out because he was in a nightclub when it happened. Throughout the course of the trial, prosecutors proved that Hernandez was not in a club that night. In addition, Lloyd was murdered at around 3:30 a.m., and no nightclubs in Providence, where Hernandez says he was, are open that late.

After Wednesday’s verdict was reached, one juror said Kraft’s testimony was very helpful.

“One part, for me, was Aaron’s alleged statement that … he was at a club at that time,” one juror explained, per Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk. “We still don’t know the exact time of Odin’s murder, specifically. So I don’t know how Aaron would have had that information two years ago. Even today, after medical examiners’ review, we still don’t have that information.”

Jurors also revealed that they were “shocked” Hernandez’s lawyers admitted Hernandez was at the scene of the crime in their closing arguments.

For a while, it appeared that the lack of a murder weapon might result in Hernandez walking. Kudos to the prosecution for doing a thorough job and gathering enough evidence that the jury didn’t need it.

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