Ochocinco buys dinner for fans in Indy

He’d never met of them before, yet Chad Ochocinco still felt compelled to buy dinner for 64 "fans" of his Wednesday night at St. Elmo’s Steakhouse in Indianapolis.

A fine gesture, to be sure, but you see, the Bengals travel to Indy to play the Colts later this season, so Chad was using the opportunity more to cozy up to the city and, of course, to get himself yet more publicity before the season began and he’s forced to split the spotlight with fellow Bengal receiver Terrell Owens.

Could he take catches and yards and touchdowns away from Ochocinco this year? It’s a distinct possibility. However, not even T.O. can derail the growing pop culture phenomenon that is Chad Ochocinco. He’s become the crown prince of the NFL, and he’s soaking up every minute of it.

But his 64 guests didn’t care. Thanks to Ochocinco’s overactive Twitter account, these folks came from everywhere to get a free meal on Chad, who claimed the night to be a huge success.

Not only that, but he’s since promised to have similar events in other opposing team cities throughout the season. It’s sure to cost him thousands of dollars over time, but worth well more than that in good will and media play.

If he keeps catching touchdowns, though, there’s a feeling he’ll be able to keep up with the good natured stunts as long as he wants, of which there seems to be end in sight already.