New York Giants Player Preparing For Playoffs By Playing Madden

One New York Giants player is preparing for his team’s playoff matchup against the Green Bay Packers by playing the Madden NFL video game.

Who said video games aren’t good for you? That’s not the case for one New York Giants player, who’s hoping that spending a lot of time playing Madden will give him an upper hand when his team meets the Green Bay Packers this weekend.

Tackle Damon Harrison told the New York Daily News that he’s been hitting the controller hard in the lead-up to the Jan. 8 wild card game – while playing as his upcoming opponent.

“I just won a Super Bowl last night on Madden with the Green Bay Packers,” Harrison revealed. “I go to the playoffs every year on Madden, so I have some playoff experience if guys want to talk to me and lean on me.”

He’s clearly not suggesting that video games are a substitute for actual NFL playoff experience but he went on to add that he might be learning a few useful things about Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers by having to manipulate him on the virtual football field.

“I was using Rodgers pretty good on Madden, so hopefully I know some of his weaknesses, because you know Madden doesn’t lie,” Harrison added. “If you make him go to his left, he’s not as accurate as when he goes to his right, because the video game can’t compensate like he can in real life.”

It does sound hilarious and common sense dictates that Harrison is doing a lot more to get ready for the Packers than just playing Madden.

But if there’s even a kernel of truth to what he’s saying, it certainly makes things more interesting for football fans and gamers alike. Players in all sports spend a fair amount of time watching film to try and understand their opponents; why not take it to the next level by going hands-on and trying to put yourself in their shoes?

And it’s not uncommon for video games to have educational value. Rocksmith, for example, is made entirely to teach people how to play the guitar. If Madden is even decently similar to how NFL teams actually perform – and it should certainly aspire to be – it stands to reason that the game’s many fervent players might pick up a fact or two along the way.

We’ll see if Harrison’s theory holds up when the Giants collide with the Packers on Sunday. Or will EA have to adjust his Madden rating after the game?

Harrison and the New York Giants meet the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, Jan. 8 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay; kickoff time is scheduled for 1:40 p.m. The game will be televised nationally on FOX. For more headlines from the New York area, check out the New York section of Local POV here.

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