Minnesota Vikings cornerback practices same healing method as Michael Phelps

38-year-old Minnesota Vikings cornerback Terence Newman uses the same recovery tactics as the successful American swimmer.

As a cornerback playing in the NFL at the age of 38, Minnesota Vikings cornerback Terence Newman might as well live at a nursing home. A player at his age, at his position, is normally out of the league by now.

But Newman is not the norm.

In order to continue playing at a high level in the NFL, the cornerback takes a number of precautionary measures to keep him off the sidelines for months at a time like some of his colleagues. One of these includes the ancient Chinese recovery method of cupping therapy.

Aug 10, 2016; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Michael Phelps (USA) before the men

During the therapy, a circular section of a person’s skin is suctioned in an effort to increase blood flow to a certain area and speed up the body’s healing process.

If the method sounds familiar, it may be because of the increased attention it gained this past summer during the Rio Olympics. A number of highly successful American athletes, including gold medal swimmer Michael Phelps, used cupping therapy in Rio to speed up their recovery time.

In addition to using this method to heal his body, Newman also sees an acupuncturist once a week. These two particular treatments help almost any pain the Minnesota cornerback has after a game pretty much disappear by the following Wednesday or Thursday.

Newman’s precise attention to taking care of his body has allowed him to continue to make a living in the NFL with less than two years until his 40th birthday.

2016 may be the last year that the Vikings cornerback will play in the league. But if he retires after this season, it likely will not be due to his ailing body.

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