Vikings’ Cook denies brandishing gun

Minnesota Vikings cornerback Chris Cook on Sunday denied he brandished a gun during a verbal altercation with a neighbor, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported.

The 24-year-old was arrested following the incident about 5:30pm Saturday after the neighbor accused Cook of pulling the gun on him.

"I wasn’t in any fight or nothing," Cook told the newspaper. "It was just an argument."

Cook had only recently received a license to carry a concealed weapon, but said he did not pull it out in the confrontation.

"He went downtown and told [the police] I pointed the gun at him," he said.

According to Cook, he was riding a bike near his home when a neighbor from two doors down started yelling at him.

"You’re not going to scream at me like I’m your child so I screamed back at him," Cook said. "He thought that I called the police on his brother for some reason. Why would I do that?"

Cook accompanied police to a station in Lynchburg, Va., 179 miles (288 kilometers) southwest of Washington, D.C., shortly after the incident.

He said he only had to fill out paperwork and did not spend time in jail, and that he did not know whether he would be charged.

"It’s just crazy," Cook added. "I just have to deal with it the best way I can. I wish it didn’t happen. I wish I would have never got in an argument, but that’s what happened."

The Vikings selected the former University of Virginia star with the 34th pick in the 2010 draft.

Cook played just six games during a rookie season that was plagued with knee injuries. His season ended in December when the Vikings placed him on injured reserve.

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