Mailbag: Glazer responds to camp Tweets

With NFL insider Jay Glazer embarking on his Glaze Across America camp tour, he plans on checking his mailbag periodically during his journey.

To send Jay a question, either:

A) Click the Glaze Across America page, then submit your name and question/comment in the Fan Forum section.

B) “Tweet” a question or comment to Jay via his running Twitter page, either via (jay_glazer) or here.

Glazer’s first two mailbags below were from questions collected from his fan forum, but this time Glaze goes exclusively “under the Tweet” — responding solely to some of the questions/comments sent by his Twitter followers.

  • Mailbag 1.0: Vick, Stafford and Seattle hotspots …
  • Mailbag 2.0: Warner, Favre, Romo and more …

    Glazer Mailbox

    QUESTION — from mqhess: “Am I wrong in my assessment that Sanchez looks a lot more ready to start than Stafford?”

    jay_glazer: “As far as pure quarterback talent and arm, Matt Stafford has the edge there. But Mark Sanchez comes off as a guy who’s more ready. He has more of that presence and that personality to rally the troops and to get guys going.”

    QUESTION — BAJONES4: “How you do think the Falcons defense will do this season?”

    jay_glazer: “They need a couple more playmakers on that side of the ball. They need a ball-hawking, hard-hitting safety and another playmaker up front to help out John Abraham. However, because of Atlanta’s offensive firepower, they have the chance to open up some early leads and let their defense just pin their ears back and go — similar to how the Rams’ defense used to be able to go after people when their offense was the Greatest Show on Turf.”

    QUESTION — SunnyD1988: “Is Michael Crabtree REALLY going to sit out this season? And what do you think his chances are next year if he does?”

    jay_glazer: “No. When it comes down to it, he’ll realize losing a year means a year’s worth of pay he can never get back.”

    QUESTION — tharealjohnhein: “Have you heard anything about Matt Cassel getting benched in KC?”

    jay_glazer: “Absolutely not getting benched. Zero truth to that whatsoever.”

    QUESTION — PePeMichinokuJr: “Chuck Liddell on DWTS, whoda thunk it?”

    jay_glazer: “He’s killing me right now. Every time I talk to him, he’s like, ‘Jay, I gotta hang up, I gotta go into salsa class.’ And I’m like, ‘Dude, please don’t tell me that. You’re killing me. Make something else up, like you’re going to go watch Apocalypse Now for the fourth time. Or you’re training with the Navy SEALS in a little bit.’ He’s my guy no matter what, which is why I feel the need to abuse him.”

    QUESTION — RedRum26: “Are you NOT following anybody? really? 5,049 Followers, Following ZERO! Lol”

    jay_glazer: “I have to be honest with you guys, I am twit-tarded. I really am just kind of getting the hang of this, and I really don’t know how to follow anybody yet. But if you tell me how, I’ll follow you. I know it sounds sad. The only thing I know how to do is plunk in a number from my cell and send a text, and it sends it to Twitter.”

    Finally …

    Glaze recently Twitter-ed a note, asking for suggestions for the next time he encountered Chris Mortensen’s bus on the preseason trail (Jay marked up Mort’s bus during an early training-camp trip). Here were some of the responses:

  • BigBun: “How about a big purple and gold No. 4 over his face?”
  • Kj1974: “Write a HUGE 4 on the bus. Then leave the message … I’m BACK!!!!!!”
  • kstafford32: “Steal Mort’s tires and jack that baby up on cylinder (sic) blocks!”
  • TheSportsHernia: “Slap a Fred Edelstein head over Mort’s.”
  • EdGaryN: “Mort’s bus … leave certified Jay Glazer ‘cheek’ print on the front windshield.”
  • extrabeezy: “Color his face orange like it is on Countdown.”
  • Phoenix138: “Cut his brake lines. Hilarity is bound to ensue!”
  • Roachk1lla: “Put a Fox Sports bumper sticker on that bus.”
  • Sndvl1999: “Tag it with: ‘Glazer Confirmed!’ “
  • jay_glazer: “Too little too late — Mort’s camp tour is over. You have no idea how much I envy my man right now. I still got a week and a half to go. But he’s been doing this a lot longer than I have. He knows how to get stuff done. He knows how to use his time more wisely than me.

    “Now, I do want to mention for everybody out there: No, Mort was not mad that I desecrated his bus. He took it all in good sport. With that said, next year, I’ll do a lot more than Sharpie. And maybe I’ll incorporate a couple of your ideas. Ha ha ha.”