Jason Taylor one of final 15 HOF candidates

The Hall of Fame has announced the remaining 15 candidates for this years class. Jason Taylor remains a strong candidate.

Taylor, in his first year of eligibility will join LaDaiinian Tomlinson and safety Brian Dawkins as the three first timers still remaining. The next 12 will be composed of former players who have made the top 10 and top 15 previously while three others make the top 15 for the first time.

Taylor still has long way to go before he get’s elected. The final votes will occur prior to the Super Bowl. The final 15 is a strong group this season.

Coach Don Coryell and running back Terrell Davis along with John Lynch, Kurt Warner, and Joe Jacoby all made the top 10 last year. Terrell Owens, Morten Anderson and Alan Faneca make the top 15 for the first time. Tony Boselli, Isaac Bruce, Ty Law and Kevin Mawae round out the 15.

The HOF will likely elect six modern era members. A senior committee member, Kenny Easley and two contributors, Paul Tagliabue and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will be voted on separately.

Taylor stands a good chance of making the top 10 but after that it’s going to get tough. He definitely has the numbers to get in compared to other top DE’s already in the Hall of Fame but the lack of playoffs and no Super Bowl could be a first time deterrent.

All but three of the league’s top 10 leaders in career sacks are in the Hall of Fame. DeMarcus Ware and Julius Peppers are still playing and Jason Taylor is the 3rd. Taylor is ranked 7th. Two Hall of Fame sack leaders are ranked below him.

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