Eli takes pop quiz on Peyton, including who’s better QB (and lover?!)

Eli and Peyton Manning during a DirecTV commercial in 2013.

Screenshot via YouTube

Any time Eli and Peyton Manning face each other on the football field, plenty of folks try to drum up the drama and dial up the dirt on the two NFL star quarterbacks.

But face it, over the years it’s been pretty clear that the two brothers are pretty fond of one another. And another thing . . . yes, the brother vs. brother angle has been overdone for quite some time.

However, Jay Mohr of FOX Sports Radio struck a fresh chord in the same old story. With the Giants QB on his radio show Wednesday, Mohr sprung a quick pop quiz on Eli, the ultimate in Manning vs. Manning.

The short, sweet, yet revealing exchange below:

Mohr: “I’m going to give you a pop quiz, and your answer is either you or Peyton…..”

Mohr: “Who is your mom’s favorite?” 

Manning:  “Me.” 

Mohr: “Who dresses better?” 

Manning:  “Me.” 

Mohr: “Whose is your dad’s favorite?” 

Manning: “Peyton.” 

Mohr: “Who’s cleaner?” 

Manning: “Me.“ 

Mohr: “Who gives better advice?” 

Manning: “Peyton.”  

Mohr: "Who reads more? 

Manning: “Peyton.”  

Mohr:  “Who’s a better lover?” 

Manning: “Me.” 

Mohr: “Who cooks better?” 

Manning: “Me.”  

Mohr: “Who drives better?” 

Manning: “Definitely me.” 

Mohr: “Who’s a better quarterback?” 

Manning: “Peyton’s got me.”