Dallas Cowboys: Three Thoughts heading into the Bye Week

While the Dallas Cowboys head into their bye week, here are three thoughts on the state of America’s Team through the first six weeks of the season.

After the dominating performance the Dallas Cowboys delivered against the Green Bay Packers in Week Six the team will get a week to rest up and prepare for arch-nemesis the Philadelphia Eagles.

This win dispelled a lot of the ghosts that lingered around Lambeau Field for this Cowboys roster and now they are looking a top tier playoff contender. There are still several thoughts that Cowboy nation will be left with as we head into Week Seven.

#1 – The Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Situation

This has been the million dollar question ever since rookie quarterback Dak Prescott took over the reigns as the starter for the injured veteran Tony Romo. There is no denying the teams momentum heading into their next game and Dak has a lot to do with that.

In fact there may not be a better running back/quarterback tandem in the NFL than Dak and rookie 2016 first round pick, Ezekiel Elliott. These guys are putting up historic numbers and could easily find themselves with some big awards come the end of the regular season.

Even Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones backtracked from the notion that Tony Romo will be the definitive starter when he returns from injury. Dak will likely need to beat the Philadelphia Eagles for Romo to sit out in Week Nine however the win over the Packers could have given him a longer leash.

The main thing for the Cowboys is that they keep winning and as it stands all the chemistry on offense currently rests with Prescott.

#2 – Cowboys will be a healthier team after their bye

With star Cowboys pass rusher DeMarcus Lawrence escaping from a possibly a serious injury he will have a week to recover from the minor injury he suffered against the Packers. The team will also see superstar wide receiver Dez Bryant return to full action against the Eagles which should make a huge difference in the Dallas offense.

Dallas will also see the return of cornerbacks Orlando Scandrick and Morris Claiborne which will only help bolster this secondary. Another key point here, star offensive lineman Tyron Smith finally gets a week to rest his back before arguably one of the bigger divisional games of the season and his replacement Chaz Green will also likely practice after the bye.

Philadelphia may be getting the Cowboys at their healthiest point during the season.

#3 – Where do the Cowboys stand in the NFL?

Are the Cowboys the best team in the NFL or just in the top 10? Are they a Super Bowl contender? These questions are on the minds of analysts ever since the destruction of Green Bay. The only other team that has won five games in a row are the Minnesota Vikings, however there are questions with them as well.

In comparison the Vikings defense is about as dominant as the Cowboys offense, which means they are really good. Currently Dallas seems at the very least 90 percent better than most of the teams in the league and that could be because they are a surprise, or it could be because they are on a roll, whatever it is the Cowboys should not look to alter their formula. 

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