Buccaneers: The Redemption of Chris Conte

Buccaneers safety Chris Conte has had his name riddled with hate throughout his six years in the NFL. After an impressive game against the Chicago Bears, Conte was able to continue his success into Kansas City where he made a game changing play.

No one on the current Tampa Bay Buccaneers roster has received as much negative criticism as Chris Conte. Conte has spent his entire career in the league trying to prove he belongs. Now on his second year in the pewter and red, Conte has shown flashes of greatness but also much confusion.

Whether it be a blown assignment or lack luster coverage, there has been plenty of issues with the safety play of the Bucs. So much negativity that the draft community has already projected the Bucs as a sure-fire team to look for a safety in the first round.

Although based upon the past two weeks, specifically Conte has finally shown that his skills are more than capable to help the Bucs succeed.

Coach Dirk Koetter has endlessly preached that the Bucs need to change the culture of the team if they want to take the next step forward. This past Sunday in Kansas City, Conte may have delivered exactly what the Bucs needed.

Conte’s end zone interception to help hold off the driving Chiefs helped preserve that attitude the Bucs need. This key point in the game shifted the momentum back into the hands of the Bucs where they were able to finally score a touchdown and seal an upset win in Arrowhead Stadium.

Conte has played with an undeniable fire. Whether its due to the fact of the confidence boost he had against his former team(a pick six) or that Mike Smith‘s scheme has finally clicked with him, Conte looks like a new man.

It is no secret that the first eight games of the season Conte and his counter-part Bradley McDougald seemed to be on a short leash. Fans (including myself) have been complaining and questioning whether the Bucs really have no other option?

Well as the current situation looks… we should all trust in the process. Coach Smith has said in the past that it will take time till his defense is able to mesh into the players, and that looks to be true.

The Chiefs are no slouch. Before the game they were sitting on division leading 7-2 record but that was before the Conte and the Bucs decided to ruin that for them. This was a huge upset that needs to be credited to the defense. Holding this team to measly 17 points when the Bucs’ offense struggled to get the ball into the end zone propelled this team to a win.

The press conference after the game, provided by the Kansas City Star Coach Andy Reid was able to say this about Conte:

“Yeah, 23  didn’t bite on it. He’s not supposed to do anything, but he has been biting on that, and he didn’t do that.”

That quote says a lot. Could it be that Conte is mastering the defense? Without Conte’s fourth quarter interception, the Bucs could be sitting at 4-6 struggling to once again find their identity. His terrific play deserves to be credited. Chris Conte may have just revamped his career.

“One team, one heart beat” Jameis Winston occasionally says proves to be true. This group of men is finally playing like a true team… a team that could possibly make a run towards the playoffs.

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