Bah, humbug! Lousy play on field infects Christmas spirit in Washington

Apparently the Redskins’ poor play is carrying over into the franchise’s holiday spirit. Washington sports the league’s second-worst record, and apparently the front office is full of a lot of "Bah, Humbug!"

The Wall Street Journal recently released its NFL Christmas Tree Power Rankings. Right away something was up, as only 29 teams were ranked. According to The Journal:



The Washington Post, however, did put things into proper perspective as the team prepares for its final game, trying to avoid finishing with league’s worst record and giving the Rams the first pick in the draft:




As for the teams that did make the rankings, some organizations clearly took a little more pride in their Christmas spirit than others. Most kept it classy and quaint, but some (like the Cowboys and Patriots), went a bit over the top with a massive tree and some pretty extravagant decorations.

On the other end of things, the Texans had arguably the worst Christmas tree of the lot, with a few puny overly decorated trees to show off in front of their building.  

See the full gallery here.