49ers place trust in Shanahan, Lynch

The San Francisco 49ers needed to do something big to shake up the downward spiral of the past few years. They did something big indeed, hiring an untested GM with no front office experience and a first time head coach and signing them both to big contracts. The Niners are placing all their trust in Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch.

The San Francisco 49ers are placing all their trust in Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch. There is no second-guessing for Jed York and company, and there is no easy way out. Shanahan and Lynch are the 49ers future for the long haul.

After a 2-14 season tied for the worst record in franchise history, the Niners needed to do something major to reset the franchise’s direction. There would be no more room to try and patch holes or mask weaknesses. Something big had to be done. Everything had to be re-hauled.

That is where Shanahan and Lynch come in. Trent Baalke is out as general manager and San Francisco will be taken in a hole new direction. It just so happens that the new GM has no personnel experience in any front office. While this is a cause for concern, the amount of respect Lynch commands in league circles is a sign for optimism.

However good or bad Lynch turns out to be as a GM, he has significant job security. San Francisco is not backing out of the Lynch-Shanahan pairing now or anytime soon. With both men signed to six-year contracts, the Niners have signalled they are 100% behind the rebuilding project, however long it may take.

On the one hand, Lynch and Shanahan have tremendous work to do in order to re-establish a winning culture (and roster) in the Bay Area. With nowhere to go but up, however, results (however minor) should be seen fairly early.

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