Justin Timberlake is out here draining half-court shots at Staples Center

Justin Timberlake isn’t content to be a world-famous pop star. Guy is out here getting buckets.

And unlike other pop stars who may insist that lackeys pretend to play defense on them so they can “cross them up,” Timberlake is showing off the old fashioned way — by stepping back and proving he has range.

(Or he’s figured out how to hit unguarded half-court shots.)

Following the Lakers win over Timberlake’s favorite team Memphis on Tuesday night, the singer hit not one but two half-court shots while onlookers cheered on.

Still got that range… Grizz took the L. All good though… bounce back!!!

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And just in case y'all thought it was a fluke…

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Of course we don’t know how many shots Timberlake took to get those two in. I’m going to guess it was more than three and less than 40.