11 great turns in pro wrestling history, inspired by Randy Orton

Randy Orton destroyed Seth Rollins on Monday night in a vintage face turn.

Gallo Images/Getty Images

Randy Orton, aka "The Viper," struck again Monday night on RAW.

He destroyed Seth Rollins at the end of the show with a beatdown for the ages, gaining revenge for the beating he took months ago.

The face turn inspired memories of some of the great swerves/turns in pro wrestling history.

Check these out:

Hulk Hogan joins the NWO

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin turns on Mr. McMahon

Sting turns heel in TNA

Jerry Lawler makes a vintage heel turn

CM Punk pummels Jeff Hardy

CM Punk attacks The Rock

Paul Bearer aligns with Mankind

Cactus Jack turns heel

The Shield saves Jerry Lawler

One good turn deserves a bad one: Seth Rollins attacks The Shield

And, of course, Larry Zbyszko’s classic attack on his mentor Bruno Sammartino