Highest Baseball Salaries

Published Dec. 14, 2010 10:05 p.m. EST

Current baseball contracts with average annual values of $20 million or more. Figures were obtained by The Associated Press from player and management sources and include all guaranteed income but not income from potential incentive bonuses. There is no distinction for money deferred without interest:

Player, Club Years Avg. Salary

Alex Rodriguez, NYY 2008-17 $27,500,000

Ryan Howard, Phi 2012-16 $25,000,000


Cliff Lee, Phi 2011-15 $24,000,000

CC Sabathia, NYY 2009-15 $23,000,000

Joe Mauer, Min 2011-18 $23,000,000

Johan Santana, NYM 2008-13 $22,916,667

Mark Teixeira, NYY 2009-16 $22,500,000