Travis Kelce foolishly shoves Steelers player, penalized (Video)

In the midst of a close defensive battle that has so far featured 8 field goals, Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce randomly shoved a Steelers defender to the ground.

Travis Kelce lost control of his emotions during the Kansas City Chiefs playoff loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers when he shoved a defender to the ground. The shove led to a 15-yard penalty for unnecessary roughness which, thankfully for Kelce, didn’t end up killing the drive for the Chiefs. They would later convert the third-and-20 and end the drive with a field goal.

Kelce, who has been one of their best offensive players, needs to show some maturity with so much on the line. The Chiefs won’t always be able to dig out of a 15-yard hole and continue the drive. Kelce needs to stop his antics, or he might end up costing the Chiefs a win in a game where yards and points are at a premium.

This isn’t the first time Kelce lost his cool. He once threw a referee’s flag back at him in a game vs. the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Chiefs struggled to move the ball  and finish drives, along with Steelers who despite having 378 offensive yards, only had 18 points to show for it. Chris Boswell, the Steelers kicker, has broken a record for most made field goals in a playoff game with six.

The Chiefs defense has certainly not let them down, with the ultimate bend-but-don’t-break philosophy, with the Steelers being able to move the ball, but lacking touchdowns to show for it.

Unfortunately, for Kelce and the Chiefs, there wasn’t enough offense to overcome the Steelers tonight. The Steelers advanced to the AFC Championship Game vs. the New England Patriots while the season ends for the Chiefs.

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