Titans fans need to watch Alabama vs Texas AM

If you are a fan of the Tennessee Titans, you need to watch Alabama play against Texas A&M today.

I understand that there are some people who can’t enjoy college football like they enjoy the NFL, and that is alright. You don’t have to watch it for pure pleasure, but there is a huge chance that this game will feature a future Titan and likely one that will be a 1st round pick.

Here are the top candidates for those who don’t know.

Myles Garrett EDGE, TAMU

When you look around mock drafts, all year you are going to see Myles Garrett’s name at the top. Sometimes it will be after some quarterbacks, other times it will be first overall. Regardless, he is the best prospect in this draft.

Garrett is the best pass rusher to come out since Clowney, except Garrett doesn’t take entire games off and he is a hard worker. On top of that, people rave about him off the field as well.

He has the potential to be the next Von Miller or J.J. game-changing type defensive player in this league. Watch him against his toughest opponent of the year, Alabama left tackle Cam Robinson.

Jonathan Allen DL, Alabama

Do you like Jurrell Casey? Well, the Titans may have a chance to draft his perfect compliment if they want.

Unlike the defensive linemen that ESPN raved about last year, Allen is a true-blue three down defensive linemen that is hell on an offensive line. His combination of push/pull moves, swim moves, straight bull rushes, and lateral burst in his stunts make him a perfect player for an attacking 3-4 defense like Dick LeBeau runs.

Tim Williams EDGE, Alabama

Williams is the best pass rusher on the team, no offense to Ryan Anderson or Jonathan Allen. While he isn’t a complete player he is a star as a speed rusher and is one of the most productive sack artists over the last two years.

Is he Myles Garrett? No. Is he someone that will come in and immediately earn a rotational spot on the defensive line in pass rush situations? Absolutely.

Reuben Foster LB, Alabama

Foster is a player whose best comparison may be a more physical Ryan Shazier who Dick LeBeau saw drafted to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

He is an elite athlete who runs side to side as well as any linebacker in the last 5 drafts and maybe more importantly (just kidding) for the Titans he is a freak on special teams.

This is the type of person that you put next to Avery Williamson and force offenses to make a decision. Do you try to run outside and risk being run down by Foster, or do you try to run inside and face Williamson in a phone booth? Neither are very appealing.

Eddie Jackson FS, Alabama

A converted cornerback who plays safety, Jackson looks like exactly what the Titans want behind their CBs.

Pairing him with Kevin Byard is a nightmare for teams becuase the quarterback now has to face tough man coverage on the outside with pressure from the front seven. If you get a tipped pass or an overthrow, the tandem of Kevin Byard and Eddie Jackson (who would have 29 college interceptions together and counting) would make you pay.

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