Texans send Tom Savage to locker room for concussion protocol

Houston Texans quarterback Tom Savage has been taken to the locker room during their game against the Tennessee Titans to undergo concussion protocol.

In the season finale in Nashville, the Houston Texans have sent Tom Savage to the locker room to undergo concussion protocol. He was hit in the head during a 4th-and-1 QB sneak, and was taken out of the game.

League policy states that a concussion will prohibit a player from returning to the game. It’s definitely not something Texans fans want to see, as Brock Osweiler was brought into the game to replace Savage. Osweiler was taken out of the game two weeks ago, to a thunderous ovation in Houston, and you can bet this is not what Rick Smith or anyone in the Houston front office wanted to see.

Savage had been fairly unimpressive so far in the game. He was sacked earlier in the game, causing him to fumble the ball and give the Titans a huge defensive touchdown. Osweiler got off to a rocky start as well, completing just two of his first five passes, and wasting a timeout when he couldn’t get a play snapped in time.

Update: Savage has now been cleared to return to the game, which means we probably will have seen the last of Osweiler here soon. That will be a sigh of relief for every Texans fan, as many have already stated they didn’t want Osweiler in charge when it came to the playoffs.

The Texans punched their ticket for the playoffs and will now wait for the end of the day to see what their plans for next week will be.

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