Raiders-to-San Antonio buzz could spark reasonable relocation talk

Levi's Stadium still looms as a perfect option for Mark Davis' homeless Raiders.
Kyle Terada/Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Jaimie Matthews hopes his office gets a call from Mark Davis soon.

That way, the mayor of Santa Clara, Calif. could help broker a deal between Davis’ homeless Oakland Raiders and the team which currently calls his city home — the San Francisco 49ers.

Matthews, via KTVU in San Francisco:

“We are open for discussions. We've had discussions along the way. It would pay down the debt twice as fast and faster we pay down the debt, the more money is available (to make).”

Levi’s Stadium is big enough to house two teams. It has the luxury boxes and amenities that Davis (and his father, Raiders patron Al) have always dreamed of for their team. It’s geographically ideal for Bay Area fans. And given the current state of both teams, Davis’ team wouldn’t play second-fiddle there.

But despite all those advantages, the team hasn’t remotely considered a move there. They seem content to either let the drama in Los Angeles play out or see what options they have in San Antonio.

Both moves would cost Davis a $550 million relocation fee. With a Super Bowl-ready stadium in his backyard, perhaps he should rethink his stance.