Miami Dolphins offensive recap Vs Jets week 9

Jay Ajayi did not get a 200 yard running game but winning the third straight game is a nice consolation prize he and the Miami Dolphins will take with them on the upcoming road trip.

This game did not have offensive fireworks in the air in the form of a deep passing attack, instead it stayed scripted like the last two games with a strong running attack that wears down opponents as the game goes on. By the time the Jets defense is on fumes from it in the fourth quarter the Miami Dolphins running game is still going strong with Jay Ajayi.

Buster Skrine thought this was a WWF match as he raked Jarvis Landry’s eyes early in the game. The Jets had calls on them for this kind of stuff which made the first Dolphin TD easier. Brandon Marshall and Byron Maxwell had wrestling matches of their own going on throughout the game. Sheldon Richardson and Muhammad Wilkerson sat during the first quarter due to a “coach’s decision” the same could have been done for Marshall’s dirty play on the field.

Ryan Tannehill changed a play near the goal line into a run for Jay Ajayi to make it into the end zone for the 1st Miami Dolphins TD. On a 3rd and 9 play there was a beautiful touch pass to Damien Williams for 19 yards on the right side line to get into the red zone which ended in yet another beautiful TD throw to TE Jones to right side again. Although he threw for only 149 and had negative yards on both of his run attempts against a stout Jets defensive line Tannehill did not hurt the team following a newer role as more of a game manager behind a run first scheme.

There was a scare were Tannehill threw a ball that was interceptable, in fact it bounced out of a defenders hands. However had it been a pick six which it looked like it would have been, this would have placed the Jets up by 3 with 3 minutes left to play in the 3rd quarter. Not an instrumental task to come back from. Luckily the defender dropped the ball and the Dolphins kicked a FG to go up by seven points.

Dominique Jones is starting to look like an outlet passing option for Ryan Tannehill. Jones had two 3rd down targets were he dropped one that Tannehill apparently could have gained on his own and made the other. He also had a catch for a TD and was targeted for a 3rd down pass while running out the clock the final drive that drew pass interference.

Breaking down Jones’ plays were a nice play-action designed roll out right he made a nice catch with extra effort for 24 yards. He also got a nice 3rd and 9 pass on left sideline early 4th quarter to get the first down keeping the drive alive. However he also dropped one with the same scenario 6 min to play with a 4 point lead. This was the one Tannehill probably could have run for that 1st down.

Top offensive grades from

T Ja’Wuan James, 78.1
TE Dominique Jones, 73.1
G Laremy Tunsil, 72.9
WR Jarvis Landry, 72.6
HB Jay Ajayi, 71.6

Ja’Wuan James got the top grade which is great considering his struggles before the last game were he turned things around and is still doing so.

Dolphins offensive stats

First Downs 20
Rush-Yds-TDs 32-137-1
Cmp-Att-Yd-TD-INT 17-29-149-1-0
Sacked-Yards 1-12
Net Pass Yards 137
Total Yards 274
Fumbles-Lost 3-0
Turnovers 0
Penalties-Yards 8-86
Third Down Conv. 5-11
Fourth Down Conv. 0-1
Time of Possession 30:22

Kenyan Drake has been in an odd catch 22 scenario. He keeps making mistakes on the field which leads to less playing time which leads to being unfamiliar with playing at the pro level. What is needed is a way for him to get acclimated and those mistakes should go away or at least be minimal, he needs to find his way with reps on the field.

Two Jets’ kicking plays a punt and a kick off re-kick resulted in TD returns. The first one Grant ran was nullified by penalty on Drake who would get his own TD in the second kick off return that stood. This kind of thing while exciting also ate into the time left in the game for the Dolphins final drive of which they handled well with Jay Ajayi running downhill on a gassed Jets defense. The victory formation play took place on the 10 yard line running out the clock.

Some razzle dazzle drawn up for Jarvis Landry to toss it to Dominique Jones. Unfortunately it did not go as it was drawn up.

Ryan Tannehill changed a play near the goal line into a run for Jay Ajayi to make it into the end zone for the 1st Miami Dolphins TD. Jay Ajayi would finish the game with 111 running yards and he was very close to a second running TD as time had expired.

While there was some play that was not expected like punter Matt Darr’s bobbled snap and lost fumble or Stills having to leave early due to illness the team pulled trough to notch a win getting them to 500 on the season. It was a show of strength Vs strength with the running game a throwback to old fashion smash mouth football and by all signs there will be more to follow.

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